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Seeds of Permaculture (Sementes da Permacultura)

Um filme interativo sobre Permacultura nos trópicos

Muita educação e inspiração durante este video! Excelente sobre Permacultura! Voluntários para traduzir e legendar?!

An interactive film about permaculture in the tropics. With education and inspiration as the main threads running through this hour-and-a-half-documentary.

On the website you can choose to watch individual chapters interactively.

Visit for more information and extra features.

● Intro

● Arrival at Rak Tamachat

● Masterplan 1

● Compost

● Introduction Panya Project

● Kings Project Mae Sa

● Solar Heater

● Masterplan 2

● Soil Food Web

● a Fruit Forest

● Coop at Moo Baan Mae Jo

● Gardening

● Banana Circles

● Humanure Toilet

● Vermicompost

● Permaculture thinking

● Natural Building

● Earthen Oven

● Residents and PDC students

● CreditsSHOW MORE

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